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A Career in Pictures

In 1984 Frank assumed the role of Allen-Bradley Branch Sales Office Manager.  During this time Frank was able to drive explosive growth in the Cedar Rapids Area.  The Van Meter Company was a small home-town distributor with 2 locations.  Frank worked in Cedar Rapids from 1984 until he joined The Van Meter Company in 1991.  During the period Rockwell Sales in the area grew by a factor of six. 

Frank in AB Times 1990

This story featured the work Frank had done to support the Allen-Bradley integration at Rockwell Graphic Systems Division in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

AB Times Feb 1990 websized.jpg

Frank in the Rockwell Annual Report

A very young looking Frank as he appeared in the Rockwell Annual Report 1989.  Frank was one of two Allen-Bradley employees featured to demonstrate the future direction of the company.

Frank from Rockwell Annual Report web sized.jpg


Frank in the first Rockwell Automation oriented advertising campaign.

This was the First Rockwell Ad to feature the story of the Allen-Bradley's potential in the market place.  This particular ad was featured in 57 financial magazines in 13 countries.

Rockwell Ad Campaign 1990 websized.jpg

Frank on the cover of Electrical Wholesaling Magazine

In 1991 Frank Joined The Van Meter Company.  By 1992 interest was beginning to build nationally regarding the growth coming out of Iowa.  In October Van Meter was featured on Electrical Wholesaling Magazine.  Jim Hoke, Van Meter's President and Owner felt strongly about tying company growth to every single employee.  In 1992 Frank wore two hats, he ran the Western half of the busines and directed the Automation Sales Effort.

Electrical Wholesaling Cover Oct 1992 websized.jpg

Frank featured in Hydraulics and Pneumatics Magazine

Hydraulics and Pneumatics Magazine did this story to discuss the newly developing ASP style distributor.  ASP, short for Automation Solution Provider, differentiates value-add, problem solving distributors from those who specialize in selling based on price or logistics.

Hydraulicas and Pneumatics Mag websized.jpg

On January 1st, 2005, Van Meter Industrial became a 100% Employee Owned ESOP Trust Company.  In September 2005, Frank and the Van Meter Industrial Leadership team were featured on Electrical Wholesaling Magazine.  Contrary to popular belief, the picture wasn't "fixed", there really are corn fields in Iowa.

Electrical Wholesale Cover Sept 05 web sized.jpg

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